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ZINO Support & Frequently Asked QuestionsBRIAN YOUNG·CHỦ NHẬT, 13 THÁNG 1, 2019·FACEBOOK GROUP: Hubsan Zino / H501 / H502 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1655445394706994/Q) What is the wifi password for the Zino? A) 12345678Q) What are the differences between the 3 versions of the Zino? A)

Q) How are the Zino, transmitter, and phone connected? A) The various connections are displayed in the chart below(Ignore the red x). Thanks to Pete Martin for putting this together for the community.

Q) What do I need in order to perform firmware updates? A) You will need a personal computer running windows & you will need to download the most recent firmware (https://www.hubsan.com/na/index.php?main_page=support). Q) FIRMWARE DOWNLOADS
A) The most recent firmware can be downloaded from the Hubsan Support page: https://www.hubsan.com/na/index.php?main_page=support

Luka P maintains all released firmware packages here: https://bit.ly/Lukappaseidue_Zino_firmware_repository Pete M maintains all released firmware separated into tools, gimbal, flight controller, camera/wifi: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HvxSBAyys3hmoKN-ooT5wlGCDt8sKp9m
* Thanks for your contributions Pete & Luka!Q) FIRMWARE INSTALLATION VIDEO
A) https://youtu.be/arwy1iGjaPY
– You should notice the little red LED flashing rapidly next to the microSD card during
the upgrade. The upgrade is completed once the rapid flashing stops. If the upgrade
does not complete properly, you may lose connection between the drone and its
controller until the upgrade is successfully conducted (or you may notice no WiFi
signal from the drone). If you’re having problems getting the camera upgrade to start
(no rapid flashing LED), then try using a different SD card for the upgrade.Kindly
remember to format your SD card to FAT 32.
– Wait for the transmitter led light solid and connect the phone and transmitter by the
USB cable.Then check if there shows charging status in the battery.Q) Is it possible to rollback or put older firmware on my Zino? A) Yes, you can install previous firmware versions in the same way.
EXCEPT with the camera/IT firmware the date associated with the firmware checkfile “Asd_md5.bin” which is one of the two files that is copied onto the micro SD card needs to have it’s date changed so that it comes after the one associated with the firmware that you already have installed, when you open and edit this file the last 8 digit’s are the date. Change the date and save the file which is then copied onto a blank SD card along with the firmware you intend to install. Q) Why does the Zino record 2 videos in different quality? A) One high quality one low quality. Low quality can be used for on device video review and possible manipulation. The larger better quality video is best used for saving off in order to perform post capture editing, posting to Youtube, Facebook, etc. Q) WHERE CAN I BUY A ZINO OR ACCESSORIES?
A) You can purchase a Zino from Hubsan.com, Amazon.com, Banggood.com,
Gearbest.com, and more locations to come.

A) Some report issues with wifi disconnects. If you have an android phone or tablet, try putting the phone in airplane mode. Q) WIFI ISSUES A) If the red light next to the SD card on the drone is blinking red: try removing the SD card and restarting the drone. We are hoping for other solutions for this soon since this does not fix every instance of this behavior.A) If the red light on the drone is solid red and you see no Hubsan connection available on the transmitter menu option “Set transmitter and aircraft connection”: 1) Remove the sd card from the drone and put the sd card into a personal computer. 2) Open the sd card to view its contents. Within the sd cards root directory right click and create a new text document and name it “ channel.conf ” (click yes if prompted to confirm the file extension change). 3) Open the text file and type a channel number. You can view the channels available in the app menu by clicking the transmitter icon and then “Wifi channel settings”. Available channels include 40, 44, 149, 153 etc. Determine which channel has the least interference in your area and type that number in the text / configuration file you created. 4) Save your changes to the text / configuration file, place the sd card back into the drone and restart the drone to test results.**Pete Martin created a video showing this process. The instruction begins at the 5:45 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgfI92iFXiU&feature=youtu.be
A) https://youtu.be/0Q28_7PK42Y

A) https://www.hubsan.com/na/index.php?main_page=support

A) https://forum.hubsan.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1410Q) ERROR CODE Zino 0X2000 A) 0X2000 relates to a problem with a gimbal cable. It has either been unplugged or damaged.

You should either send it in for Hubsan or local hobby shop repairs or take it apart and check the cable.

If you take it apart yourself, hopefully you find it only became unplugged but if it is damaged you can order the cable from aliexpress but also be sure to get a Zino gimbal calibration tool. You will need it to perform a proper calibration once the cable is replaced using the tool.Q) ERROR CODE ZINO 0X0004
A) – Calibrate gimbal via the app – Turn off drone, remove battery, and close app – Connect battery, turn on drone, open app – Calibrate gimbal via the app again – Turn off drone, remove battery, and close app again – Connect battery, turn on drone, open app again – Check results Try the above a few times if needed. This should reset the error and calibrate the gimbal. If
it does not work you will need to buy a gimbal calibration tool to assist in the calibration, its
a plastic clip type tool available from Banggood and other sellers : https://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-H117S-ZINO-PRO-RC-Drone-Quadcopter-Spare-Parts-Gimbal-Calibration-Cover-p-1612439.html?rmmds=buy&cur_warehouse=CNQ) ERROR CODE 0x0080 A) Try installing this gimbal firmware: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h6tuq5oDeGsDrwO9JHHivInxRTpLOUbp/view?usp=drivesdk

You can also try:1) Start up as normal
2) Do a gimbal calibration
3) Remove the drone battery (wait 10 seconds)
4) Insert the drone battery
5) Calibrate the gimbal again.
A) Tests have shown updating a portion of the firmware works. You only need to update the
firmware that has changed.

A) It is advertised as 1 kilometer however we expect some will exceed this distance. Others may have less range if flown in populated or high interference areas.

A) Currently firmware appears to be allowing flights up to 250M. Tools to bypass this are expected in the future.

A) Hold the left stick to the left and rock the right stick left to right over and over until you
enter the compass calibration routine.

A) Like any new product Hubsan is pushing updates to improve performance and add
additional functionality. Updates should be considered a good thing assuming they bring
the desired improvements.Q) How do I replace the gimbal? A) This video shows the process step by step. *Note a calibration cover will need to be purchased as well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-iT_td95Er6Kcf_7e0XdUr4NIU4XBQBT/view?usp=drivesdk
A) The Zino flight time is considerably lower in cold weather. Be sure to keep an eye on
your battery indicator. Keep your batteries warm (not heated) before flying to limit this
effect as much as possible.Q) My Zino lens seems out of focus can this be fixed? A) This video details how to adjust the focus by taking the drone apart and turning the lens slightly. This has worked for people with slight focus problems. https://youtu.be/1adW-SLR-U0Q: What do I need to know about drone related rules and registrations in my country? A: Current rules and regulations for the USA can be found on the FAA’s website https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_fliers/ Uavcoach.com has a comprehensive list by country for those not in the USA. https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws/Q: Can I contact Hubsan for support? A: If you are in America ,you can try to reach us with the contact number listed below Hotline: 909-444-0555 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm. Hubsans support email is: Service@hubsan.com Q: What do the various LED status mean? A:

Q: What do the values on the main screen or interface mean? A:

Q: What are the available transmitter functions? A:

Q: What are the definitions of the functions available on the transmitter? A:


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